Reversing Diabetes Belly Fat Fast

Excess Belly Fat and the Risk of Diabetes Complications

So, what are the conditions influenced by belly fat? The first and most obvious for anyone with diabetes is insulin resistance. According to previous research, one of the many factors at work is retinol-binding protein 4 (RBP4), a compound secreted by visceral fat cells that dull the body’s sensitivity to the hormone insulin and promotes the development and progression of type 2 diabetes and its complications.

Meanwhile, new research indicates that excess belly fat, on its own, can significantly increase the risk of cancer. For example, in a study published in the journal Oncogene in August 2017, visceral fat cells were found to produce high levels of a protein known as fibroblast growth factor 2, or FGF2, which can lead to cancer formation. Furthermore, because visceral fat sits right next to (and even inside) your organs, it can have a direct impact on the health and function of your liver, heart, and lungs. As such it boils down to the question of how to reverse diabetes belly fat.

Now, let’s check out 8 ways to reverse diabetes by losing weight, particularly belly fat in this blog piece from Keto Diabetics.

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8 Ways to Reverse Diabetes by Losing Weight an Belly Fat

Consider the following to improve your chances of weight loss success:

– The Motivation Element

Make certain it is positive. Phrases like “I can increase my life expectancy,” “enjoy a better life as I get older,” and “take less medication” will help you see the big picture and stay on track.

– Modify Your Habits

If you don’t exercise now, it’s a lot to ask yourself to start going to the gym six days a week. A better option is to start by incorporating activity into your day. Exercise is a critical component in preventing type 2 diabetes or putting it into remission. It encourages muscle cells to consume sugar for energy, which lowers blood glucose. If you haven’t developed a full-fledged exercise regimen, make part of your routine a walking commute to work, commit to taking your dog for two short walks per day, or go for a walk during lunch. A sedentary lifestyle that most of us life in today unfortunately is not the answer and you certainly need to be committed to make a change.

– ‘Design’ Your Diet or Meal Plan

A diet that works for one person may not work for another. You may thrive on a very low-carb diet, whereas someone else requires some healthy carbs, such as quinoa, at their meals to feel satisfied. Working with a registered dietitian who specialises in diabetes can assist you in fine-tuning your diet. A better option could be a Keto Diet meal plan customised to your diabetes condition and goals, that also takes not account what you actually like to eat. A low carb customised Keto Diet meal plan for diabetics has been proven to help tens of thousands around the world and we at Keto Diabetics are proud of what we have helped people accomplish when it comes to their health.

– Know Your Medication

Be aware that your diabetes medication may have an impact on your body weight. For example, while Glucophage (metformin) can cause weight loss in some people, insulin can cause weight gain. If you’re having trouble losing weight, talk to your doctor about how your diabetes medications may be affecting your waistline.

 – Checkout Weight Loss Surgery Option

Discuss weight loss surgery options with your doctor. If you meet certain criteria, you may be a good candidate for bariatric surgery, which may lead to better glycemic control, according to research. For example, a study from the randomised controlled Surgical Treatment and Medications Potentially Eradicate Diabetes Efficiently (STAMPEDE) trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine in February 2017 found that bariatric surgery may be more effective than diabetes medication alone in helping people with type 2 diabetes achieve blood sugar control.

– Have Self-Discipline

Keep track of yourself. It’s critical to keep your blood sugar under control. Monitoring can provide valuable feedback on how your actions affect your levels.

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– Seek Assistance

Don’t be afraid to call in reinforcements- and tell people about your weight loss goals. It is priceless to have the support of a spouse, family, or coworkers. A team behind you can keep you on track.

– Pick the Right Diabetic Weight Loss Supplement

Whatever strategy you deploy in your diabetes management or reversal, it is ideal to hold on to a weight loss supplement in your diabetes management. Not only does the weight loss pill help you lose weight, but also provides you with a reliable source, a channel on which you can depend in the long term. Over the years, many tried, failed and succeeded methods are being used for reversing diabetes, but reversing the diabetes belly fat is even more practical with healthy weight loss pills such as Exipure.

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Think bigger. If you hit a snag in your diet and aren’t losing weight, consider the big picture. Commit to getting back on track as soon as possible. This is a long-term solution, not a quick fix. Following extreme diets will send you right back to your old habits. It is critical to be patient and focus on positive outcomes, such as lowering your blood sugar and reversing diabetes. Together with Keto Diabetics you can definitely make a difference and we would be proud to help you get there!