Keto Diet Cures Diabetes Type 2

Is Keto a Cure for Type 2 Diabetes?

Keto Diet has always been touted as a critically important aspect of curing Diabetes Type 2 in various publications over the years.

The normal dietary approach to Type 2 Diabetes should be to limit the offending food component if you think of it as carbohydrate intolerance. And when this happens—when diabetic patients limit their carbohydrate intake—their symptoms become better, frequently more so than diabetic patients following alternative diets.

Given that keto restricts carbs more than even other low-carb diets, it would seem that it would be beneficial for diabetes. It all boils down to the question: can type-2 diabetes be cured with a keto diet? Let’s look more closely.

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Common Diabetic Type 2 Symptoms

  • Insulin Resistance: When this condition exists, your cells don’t react as favourably to insulin and require more of it to have the intended impact. Your insulin levels are constantly high if you have hyperinsulinemia. As a result, you are unable to release fatty acids from your body fat to generate energy.
  • Hyperglycemia: You frequently have high blood sugar, especially after eating, because you struggle to effectively use insulin to eliminate glucose from the blood. In actuality, the most frequent method for determining type 2 diabetes is postprandial blood glucose levels.
  • Extra Body Fat: Type 2 diabetes is frequently brought on by weight gain.

How Do Those Symptoms Change With Keto Diet?

  • Insulin Sensitivity: Diabetic keto diet can cause physiological insulin resistance, where the tissues grow resistant to insulin and the minimal amount of blood glucose is instead sent to the parts of the brain that cannot utilise ketones. Hyperinsulinemia is not the result of this; it is natural. Your insulin sensitivity will increase if you are using the keto diet to lose weight.
  • Diabetes: Keto diet reduces insulin levels. Low insulin levels are required for ketosis to even start.
  • Hyperglycemia: Absent carbohydrate intake, blood sugar levels are difficult to increase.
  • Extra Body Weight: Losing weight with the keto diet is successful.

The ketogenic diet should, in theory, be very effective for persons with type 2 diabetes. But how does it function in the real world for those with type 2 diabetes?

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Is Keto a Type 2 Diabetes “Cure”?

  • In the end, it all comes down to how you define “cure.” Is it possible to simply quit doing everything that helped you resolve your symptoms and hope the advantages “stick”? No.
  • Can you spend your entire day sitting still and still have a 15-year-old metabolism? No.
  • You’ll probably relapse if you return to the lifestyle that contributed to the development of type 2 diabetes. It might take longer. However, there is no reason to think that the final outcome will alter.
  • However, you may eat a little bit more carbs, especially if you time them to coincide with your hard workouts to increase insulin sensitivity. Most probably thats a positive move!
  • Will losing all that extra weight make you more insulin-sensitive already? Yes, and as long as you maintain your weight loss, it won’t go away.

For the majority of people, including most diabetics, perpetual ketosis is the sustainable way forward. However, unlike antibiotics, which can treat bacterial infections, this is not an ‘immediate cure’ that might come with side effects. Rather it becomes a lifestyle that you should stick to for gaining short and long term health benefits. 

Given that many type 2 diabetics come from extended families of diabetes, there is probably some genetic predisposition at play here. If so, you will constantly be vulnerable. You’ll constantly need to go above and beyond to maintain high insulin sensitivity, whether that means eating your carbs before and after workouts, staying on the ketogenic diet longer, consistently improving your sleep and circadian rhythm, or otherwise “doing everything correctly.”

However, if you can increase your carbohydrate intake a little bit while keeping your weight stable, that’s a good sign that your insulin or blood glucose levels aren’t becoming worse. Monitoring your blood sugar levels is another reliable sign, which we at Keto Diabetics advise you to do as you increase your carb intake.

Diabetes type 2 does not have an on/off switch. We should be aware that we are always somewhere on a continuum. Make sure you’re consuming eggs, liver, or extra choline. A high-fat diet and little choline can cause the buildup of hepatic fat, and a fatty liver raises insulin resistance and foretells the onset of type 2 diabetes.

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Final Reflections | Keto Diet Cures Diabetes Type-2

Before modifying your diet, consult with the experts over at Keto Diabetics. You’ll probably need to change your prescription schedule (or be able to remove them entirely). Maintaining communication with your consultant about your development will give you  valuable experience. Your illustration will demonstrate the validity of the ketogenic diet. In no time, you might even start advising Keto Diet to your loved ones!