7-Day Customised Diabetic Keto Meal Plan

Diabetic / Pre-Diabetic Keto Diet Meal Plan

Are you in search of a sample Diabetic Keto Meal to kick-start your health regime? Try out this 7-day customized diabetic keto meal plan. Our low-carb meal plan seeks to support you in keeping a healthy balance while consuming fewer carbohydrates.

Each day, different carbohydrate quantities are included to allow you to select the one that works best for you. It comprises at least five servings of fruit and vegetables each day and is nutritionally balanced.

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Monday Diabetic Keto Diet Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: Two slices of rye bread and baked eggs
  • Lunch: Avocado salsa and chilli bean soup
  • Dinner: Mackerel tomatoes along with leeks and broccoli
  • Dessert: Apple strudel
  • Snacks: Apple, two satsumas, plain almonds, and Greek yoghurt
  • Milk: Semi-skimmed milk (225ml)

Tuesday Diabetic Keto Diet Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: 30g porridge oats, 200ml almond milk, 40g blueberries, and 10g pumpkin seeds are combined to make a bowl of porridge
  • Lunch: Chicken salad (bang-bang)
  • Dinner: Filo pie with minced meat
  • Dessert: 80 grams of Strawberries
  • Snacks: Avocado, Brazil nuts, celery, and peanut butter
  • Milk: Semi-skimmed milk (225ml)

Wednesday Diabetic Keto Diet Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: An omelette with mushrooms and spring onions
  • Lunch: A small wholemeal pita bread with butterbean paté, carrots, and tomatoes
  • Dinner: A baked aubergine and zucchini with parmesan cheese, rocket, tomato, and canned kidney beans
  • Dessert: Melon pudding (80 grams)
  • Snacks: A pear with almonds, an apple and peanut butter, natural yoghurt, and pumpkin seeds
  • Milk: Semi-skimmed milk (225ml)

Thursday Diabetic Keto Diet Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: A berry smoothie
  • Lunch: Tuna and chickpea salad
  • Dinner: Cauliflower pilaf and chicken tikka masala
  • Dessert: Summer berry posset
  • Snacks: Greek yoghurt, two satsumas, an orange, almonds, and two oatcakes with creamy peanut butter as a topping for snacks
  • Milk: Semi-skimmed milk (225ml)

Friday Diabetic Keto Diet Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: Two slices of rye bread and baked eggs
  • Lunch: Two slices of medium wholemeal bread with tomato, cucumber, tomato spread, and grated cheddar
  • Dinner: Grilled salmon steak, sweet potato, broccoli, and cabbage.
  • Dessert: Jelly without sugar
  • Snacks: Avocado, raspberries, melon and almonds
  • Milk: Semi-skimmed milk (225ml)
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Saturday Diabetic Keto Diet Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: Welsh leek rarebit
  • Lunch: 25g of cheddar and a soup of leeks and cauliflower
  • Dinner: Butternut squash and borlotti bean stew for supper
  • Dessert: Tinned peaches with juice
  • Snacks: An apple, 30 grams of almonds, Greek yoghurt, a tiny pear with almonds, and 60 grams of shelled pistachios.
  • Milk: Semi-skimmed milk (225ml)

Sunday Diabetic Keto Diet Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: An omelette cooked with two eggs, milk, 80 grams of spinach, 80 grams of mushrooms, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil, and 25 grams of shredded cheddar. Serve with 1 teaspoon of unsaturated margarine on a slice of rye bread.
  • Lunch: Smoked mackerel served with 1 teaspoon of vegetable spread, rocket, tomato, and cucumber over granary toast.
  • Dinner: Greek chicken with broccoli and leeks
  • Dessert: Melon and raspberries
  • Snacks: Spicy roasted chickpeas, one tiny pear, and low-fat Greek yoghurt with almonds and pumpkin seeds.
  • Milk: Milk: Semi-skimmed milk (225ml)
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Reduce your intake of bad carbs first, such as those found in sugary beverages, pizza, cakes, biscuits, chips, white bread, fruit juices, and smoothies. Additionally, it is advisable to receive your restricted intake of carbohydrates from foods high in fibre, such as legumes, nuts, vegetables, whole fruits, and whole grains. By consuming unsweetened milk and yoghurt in addition to other dairy products, you may ensure that you are getting the calcium you require.

A low-carb diabetic keto diet can have many more untapped health benefits depending on how it is implemented. Even though they can aid in weight loss and diabetes, these are often brief and shouldn’t have any long-term negative impacts. If you have questions about any of these, consult with our keto diet for diabetes experts!

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